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The Lawrence Gough Prize is a youth advancement and money prize which is awarded annually to a young fencer from the fencing centre FechtZentrum Solingen. Outstanding sporting achievements and successes in the season gone by are thus to be honoured.

For the coming season, the winner receives funding of € 500 for the specific purpose of supporting his or her sporting development. The funding is acquired in the form of allowances for participating in competitions, for training courses, travel expenses, fencing materials or other outlay specifically on fencing and is to be drawn on within one year. It is not possible for the prize money to be paid out in cash.

The name of the prize winner is affixed to the Lawrence Gough Trophy, which has its permanent place in the competition hall of FechtZentrum Solingen. In addition, the prize winner receives a material prize.

All prize moneys, trophies and material prizes are donated by private individuals for this purpose.


Criteria for awarding the prize:

A fencer can receive the Lawrence Gough Prize every three years. The prize is open to both sexes in the two disciplines of epée and sabre in the age groups from U15 to juniors (13 - 20 years old).

The prize is awarded on the decision of a jury which is currently made up of the following members:

Dr. Elke Moosbach, member of the English class at Gough Language Centre and former fencer
Christine Gough, wife of Lawrence Gough
Peter Wirtz, headmaster of FALS secondary school
Daniel Certa, 1st chairperson of FechtZentrum Solingen (in an advisory capacity)
Martin Hückeler, member of the English class at Gough Language Centre (in an advisory capacity)

Specialist advice:

Dirk Schiffler, support base manager, FechtZentrum Solingen
Oleksandr Tykhomyrov, Federal cadets and head coach

Achievements are assessed according to the following weighting:


  • Place 1 - 8 at a WFC or EFC, individual

  • Place 1 - 3 at a WFC or EFC, as team member

  • Place 1 - 8 at a WC or CC tournament, individual

  • Place 9 - 16 at a WFC or EFC, individual

  • Place 1 - 3 at a GFC, individual

  • DFeB rankings, place 1 - 6

  • Best team fencer at a GFC (place 1 - 3)

Should there be a fencer who attracted the coaches’ attention through a leap in development in the season gone by, the jury reserves the right to award an additional Lawrence Gough Prize of € 300,00 under the same conditions as specified above.
The jury’s decision is binding on all persons involved and is final. The prize winner is announced in connection with a fencing tournament in Solingen – for the first time as part of the international Windmühlen Messer Cup on 21.10.2017.

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